I offer the following services: 

  • Analysis of health, lifestyle, and goals you want to achieve

  • Creation of a proper food plan

  • Body transformation in terms of weight

  • Enhance the overall quality of life 

You can achieve these goals by doing the following:

Nutritional Analysis • €80  



The food analysis exists in two steps: 

1. You complete a questionnaire on your consumption of food, drinks, and snacks during the week and send it to me by mail.

2. After two days I will send you a detailed representation of Your eating behavior including my recommendations on how to improve your food intake.

Nutritional Analysis + Initial Conversation • 90 MIN. €140  


At home

Nutritional Analysis

  • Anamnesis (measurement of the body)

  • Analysis of your ration after the food questionnaire 

  • Individual suggestion to improve your food intake - matching to your test and lifestyle